Doug Pagitt
Author, Speaker, and Pastor of a Holistic Missional Christian Community
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DOUG PAGITT is a speaker and consultant for churches, denominations and businesses throughout the United States and around the world on issues of postmodern culture, social systems and Christianity.

Doug has worked in churches, for a non-profit foundation and owns three businesses in Minneapolis.

Doug’s current professional endeavors include pastoring a Holistic Missional Christian Community – (www.SolomonsPorch.com), speaking and writing (www.DougPagitt.com) and owning businesses in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He is seeking to find creative, entrepreneurial, generative ways to join in the hopes, dreams and desires God has for the world.

Doug is the author of many books including A Christianity Worth Believing (Jossey-Bass 2008), Church Re-Imagined (Zondervan 2004), Preaching Re-Imagined (Zondervan 2005), and BodyPrayer (Waterbrook 2005). He is also the co-editor of An Emergent Manifesto of Hope (Baker Books 2007).