Chris Seay

CHRIS SEAY takes every chance to celebrate and share his love of God with all who will listen. His many talents and leadership qualities allow this storyteller, pastor, writer, musician, husband, father, and son to compellingly convey the story of the absolute love of Jesus, the Liberating King to the church and culture. As Pastor of a remarkable downtown church (www.ecclesiahouston), Chris continues the legacy of his father and grandfather (who Pastored in the same city for 60 years) and leads his church to embrace rich and poor as they seek God’s transformation of their great city. As President of Ecclesia Bible Society Chris’s vision for a new translation of the bible that calls all people into God’s story has culminated in the recent publication of The Voice Bible published by Thomas Nelson. He is also the author of several books, including The Gospel According to Tony Soprano, The Gospel Reloaded, The Last Eyewitness, Faith of My Fathers, The Tao of Enron, The Gospel According to LOST, The Gospel According to Jesus, and most recently, A Place at the Table.