Gatherings & Discussion Groups


In the past, Christianity21 has been home to gatherings for organizations such as the Wild Goose Festival, the Christian Community Development Association, Sojourners, the Global Immersion Project, as well as denominational gatherings for faith groups like the Wesleyans or Disciples of Christ.

Do you anticipate there will be a number of people from your denomination, organization, or group at Christianity21? If so, we’d love to provide a gathering place for you to connect to each other or to introduce other attenders to your work. You can email us at info [at] to suggest such a gathering.

One more housekeeping note before you apply: Attendees who host gatherings or lead discussion groups (described below) are responsible to purchase their own tickets to the event and arrange their own travel, lodging, and transportation while they’re with us. While we genuinely appreciate each voice, we don’t have the manpower or the finances to cover the costs of the many, many attendees who contribute to our events (in addition to the costs associated with bringing in 21 mainstage presenters).

Discussion Groups

Are you an expert or at least an enthusiast on a certain topic or subject? Would you like to bring people together and facilitate an informal small group style discussion around this theme? You can apply to lead a discussion group around a favorite topic here.