About Us


Birthed in 2009, Christianity21 invited attenders to Minneapolis, MN to imagine a 21st century Christianity with 21 speakers who deliver 21 big ideas in 21 minutes each.

It’s difficult to describe the atmosphere that is created when energized people from across the Christian spectrum come together to imagine a healthier, better faith for the future. But if you didn’t have the chance to join us for the original event, we hope the highlights video below produced by Don Heatley will help you get a taste of what happens in this sort of “come together” event.

You can also see a list of speakers, a photo gallery, and the audio of the talks from the original event here.



In 2014, Christianity21 was revived in a landmark, national gathering hosted in the beautiful Central Community Church–a vibrant, growing faith community in Denver, Colorado. In addition to 21 mainstage speakers from Huffington Post religion editor Paul Raushenbush to Presidential Pastor in Chief Josh Dubois, the 2014 event took “crowd participation” to new levels. Over 50 attenders presented 7-21s, led discussion groups, or hosted gatherings during our three days together.

You can see a list of speakers, a photo gallery, and the audio of the talks from the 2014 event here.


As always, this year’s event will feature “21 Voices…Plus Yours.”

We work hard to fill the stage with some of the sharpest and most unique voices of the Christian faith.  But this event isn’t just about their voices. It’s about yours as well.

Whether it’s sharing ideas with those seated in your row, around the dinner table, or in your social networks, there are plenty of ways to share your perspective on the content presented. If you’re planning on attending, and are comfortable facilitating a small group discussion on a favorite topic or getting up in front of people to present a good idea of your own, please feel free to submit yourself as a possible contributing attender. We’re trying to make room for as many voices as possible!