7-21 Talks

7-21 Presenters

About 7-21 Talks

7-21 Talks are one of the ways JoPa invites conference attenders to participate.

These talks are The JoPa Group’s unique way to engage fresh thinking and platform new voices at Christianity21. Inspired by such popular presentation styles as Ignite! and Pecha Kucha, 7-21 Talks are short, inspiring, challenging talks, anchored in provocative imagery.

Before you sign on, though, understand this: Each 7-21 presenter prepares 21 slides which we cue up to automatically advance every 20 seconds, whether the presenter is ready to move on or not. The slides cannot have any words, and should be one, single image. Once the first slide is started, the talking starts. After 21 slides — that’s 7 minutes — the talking stops (whether you’re done or not).

Does that sound too short? Well, it’s so short that it’s kind of terrifying. Here’s how challenging and rewarding one experienced speaker found it.

So go ahead…nominate yourself (or someone else)!

One more housekeeping note before you apply: Attendees who presents 7-21 talks are responsible to purchase their own tickets to the event and arrange their own travel, lodging, and transportation while they’re with us. While we genuinely appreciate each voice, we don’t have the manpower or the finances to cover the costs of the many, many attendees who contribute to our events (in addition to the costs associated with bringing in 21 mainstage presenters).

If you have an idea for a 7-21 Talk, nominate yourself here. In the coming months, we’ll be announcing which 7-21 Talks we’ve chosen and providing instructions for how to submit 7-21 slides to a Dropbox account.